Gatlinburg Wedding Planning

When choosing a wedding package it is advisable to consider several matters, especially if you are planning a Saturday ceremony, if you are having attendants, or if quite a few guests will be attending your wedding. Some packages allow half-hour time periods in the chapel, others have a full hour time allowance. There are some limitations related to the number of guests which can be adequately handled in a half-hour package. We encourage you to speak with one of our wedding coordinators about these things. They will happily assist you in assuring your wedding ceremony is a satisfying and joyous experience for everyone.

Marriage License

You must have a Tennessee marriage license to be married at The Wedding Chapel in the Glen. These are available at any County Clerk’s office in the state. Licenses are not available at the Chapel. There are three license centers in our area. Visit our marriage license page for more information. You can now pre-register for your license from our county online and save time at the Clerk’s office. Check out the link on our Marriage License page.


Most packages include some sort of photography package. Wedding photographs included with your package are taken at the location the wedding is held (i.e.: inside the Chapel or on the grounds) . Photographs are normally ready for pick-up a day or two after your wedding. As time permits in your photographer may be able to make additional photographs which may be offered for optional and additional purchase. All photographic images are copyrighted by the Wedding Chapel in the Glen.


The Wedding Chapel in the Glen does not have reception facilities on site. However, we can plan and schedule your reception for you at one of several venues in the Gatlinburg area. Receptions may be a simple as nuts, mints and punch or may include heavy hors d’oeuvres, sit-down dinners or buffet style menus. A reception can be added to any of our packages, or, you may choose one of our wedding packages with receptions from our Receptions Page. Call us on our toll free number, 1-877-430-3338, for more details or information.


Getting Married in Gatlinburg at Our Wedding Chapel – An Affordable Wedding

Your Destination Wedding Can Cost Much Less Than One At Home!

Thousands of couples are learning how affordable a destination wedding in Gatlinburg can be, especially when compared to the cost they may incur at home. Getting married at The Chapel in the Glen, is preferred for several reasons, such as planning, size, and location.

Just planning a wedding is difficult. Where to begin? Who shall I contact as my resources and for all costs involved? By getting married in our chapel, we take all of these matters off your shoulders and putting you at ease. Our chapel consultants make your wedding planning affordable and worry free.

Another concern for weddings at home is their size. Oftentimes the guest list just keeps growing – and so does the price tag! A destination wedding allows you to control the important guest count facet of your wedding that very directly affects overall costs. Our chapel has specific packages designed for certain numbers of guests. Our consultants can also customize a wedding package for you to suit your particular desire and budget.

The location of a wedding is another determining factor in pricing. Planning a wedding at home means deciding on who’s church, the brides or the grooms, or neither. Then there is the reception location to decide on and perhaps the rehearsal dinner. Our chapel staff can plan your entire wedding and reception with price typically running much less than it would at home. Plus, we have weddings down to a science and there is no need for a rehearsal, hence, there is no need for a rehearsal dinner.

Pre-packaged weddings with receptions, honeymoon accommodations and more, has proven to be the affordable way to get married. Naturally the fewer amenities in a package will hold costs down, while increasing package content will increase the price. However, these package prices remain much more reasonable than at-home weddings.

Who pays for what?

There is no set of rules or discernable pattern to who pays for a wedding package. Sometimes the bride and groom themselves foot the bill, other times both sets of parent pay while in some instances cost fall along more traditional lines. Below is a list of some aspects of a destination wedding and who might be traditionally thought of to pick up the tab:

Wedding Package – Bride’s Family

  • Wedding Rings: Brides’ – Groom / Grooms’ – Bride
  • Gifts for Bride and Groomsmen – Groom
  • Gifts for Groom and Bridesmaids – Bride
  • Wedding Flowers: Groom takes care of Mother’s corsages and Groomsmen and Usher boutonnieres
  • Bride’s family take care of Bridesmaids bouquets and reception flowers
  • Invitations/Announcements/Wedding Programs/Printed Items – Bride’s Family
  • Marriage License – Groom
  • Officiant Fee/Gratuity – Groom
  • Reception – Bride’s Family
  • Wedding Cake – Bride’s Family
  • Groom’s Cake – Groom’s Family
  • Rehearsal/Pre-Wedding Dinner – Groom’s Family
  • Formal Wear for Groomsmen and Ushers – Themselves
  • Gowns for Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids – Themselves
  • Limousine – Groom
  • Honeymoon Arrangements – Groom
  • Travel Expenses to Wedding – Person Traveling